Wire Brush Kit Set 62 Pcs Cleaning Metal Remover Dust Rust Brass assortment

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Weight: 1290g



*62pcs/Set Pipe Dredging Copper Pipe Wire Brush Cleaning Tool Kit Comes In Case

*Latched hard plastic storage case with handle.

*Additional compartments to hold polishing cloths.

*Comes with a case


*Materia: Brass + Plastic + Cloth + Aluminum alloy

*Color: As Pictures Show

*Case size: 250x390mm (Approx.)

*Copper brush diameter / Aluminum thread diameter:(Approx.)

21mm / 7.8mm

17.5mm / 7.8mm

11.5mm / 7.8mm

14.5mm / 4.5mm

13.5mm / 4.5mm

8mm / 4mm

7.5mm / 4mm

6mm / 4mm

6.5mm / 4mm

12.5mm / 4mm

11mm / 4mm

9.5mm / 4mm

*Copper brush diameter / Copper thread diameter:(Approx.)

5mm / 3mm

6mm / 3mm


Package Content

1 Set of Cleaning Kit


3pcs Muzzle guards

3pcs Accessory adaptors

3pcs Solid brass rods for 17-270-cal Rifles and Pistols

3pcs Solid brass rods for 30-cal and larger Rifles, Pistols Shotguns and Muzzleloaders

4pcs Polishing cloths

4pcs Slotted patch loops

9pcs Mops

13pcs Spear pointed Jags

14pcs Bronze brushes

50pcs Cleaning patches: 3"x1.5"

50pcs Cleaning patches: 3"x3"

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