Waterproof Universal 110DB Black Auto Motorcycle 12V Electric Air Horn

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Weight: 260g



Material: all metal material

Voltage: 12V

Rated flat rate: 435HZ (treble) 335HZ (bass)

Sound level: 110DB

Suitable for models: motorcycles, electric cars, cars can be installed

Power: 15 (W)

Sensitivity: high intensity


The unique all-metal design makes the product more rigid and the integrated design is more waterproof.

The unique pronunciation cavity, the sound of the speaker is more than several times the loudness of the general speaker on the market, which can greatly enhance the warning effect of this speaker.

The design of the metal terminal makes the product not only more conductive, but also more resistant to corrosion and prolong its service life.

Uniquely designed mounting bracket for a more secure mounting and mounting for universal performance in any position

Adopting international high-quality NBR material, the elasticity is good, the amplitude is large, and the sound is loud.

Package Includes:

1X Motorcycle Electric Air Horn

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