Universal Car R134A Air Conditioning Refrigerant Recharge Hose Pressure Gauge

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Automotive air conditioners normally lose refrigerant every year, which is determined by the semi-hermetic sealing method of automotive air conditioning compressors. This is a normal less, we only need to add a bottle of refrigerant to the car air conditioner every year. Don't worry, here's a brief way to add. Friends can try to manually refill the refrigerant. The air conditioner refrigerant supplement is as convenient and safe as the tire inflation.


n  The refrigerator charging tube of this system is equipped with a built-in safety valve to prevent accidental ventilation of the refrigerant.

n  The hose is made of high quality rubber material and is resistant to high pressure and reliability.

n  1/2 thread is available in the US and Europe. Metal valve belt 1.27 cm fit. The connector of the Freon gas tank can be adjusted.

n  Used to add R134A refrigerant to vehicles or home air conditioners with high performance.

n  Used to check low side pressure to accurately fill the air conditioner.

n  Easy to use. Equipped with a measuring instrument for easy viewing.




n  Type: Air Con Hose

n  Color: Red + Blue + Gold

n  Material: Nylon + metal

n  Thread: 1/2" ACME (11.9mm)

n  Adapter Interface Size: 1/4", 14mm (1/2")

n  Suggested range: 20-50 PSI

n  Refrigerant pressure gauge range:0-120 PSI

n  Working Pressure: 800 PSI

n  Gauge diameter: 50mm (2")

n  Pipe pressure: 600-3000PSI

n  Recharge pressure: -30~250PSI

n  Support refrigerant: R12 \ R22 \ R134a \ R404a \ R410a

n  RefrigerantCFC\ HCFH \ HFC, etc.

n  Package Size: 180mm * 180mm * 60mm (7.1*7.1*2.4")

n  Package Weight: approx.480g(1.1lbs/17oz)

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n  First test the pressure on the car. First, turn the thimble in the end of the DIY refill bottle opener counterclockwise to the top. Screw the refrigerant bottle into the bottle opener and tighten.

n  Find the low-pressure interface. Generally, there is a blue or black hat on the left side of the hood. There is an L on the hat and the cap is turned down.

n  Start the car engine and turn on the air conditioner AC switch. The blower is opened to the maximum. Wait for three minutes and connect the DIY pipe interface to the low-voltage end of the car air conditioner.

n  After the DIY tube is connected to the low-voltage interface, the DIY tube pressure gauge will be marked with an instant. At this time, the DIY tube is connected to the air conditioning system. When you look at the pressure scale on the pressure gauge, you know the pressure in the system. The pressure in the automotive air conditioning system varies according to changes in the ambient temperature.

n  In the air conditioning system, the pressure is low, need to replenish the refrigerant, rotate the thimble in the bottle opener clockwise, pierce the refrigerant bottle mouth, and the thimble in the bottle opener immediately rotates counterclockwise to the top, and the refrigerant bottle is turned upside down. To, gently shake the refrigerant bottle, the refrigerant liquid will flow into the system, at the same time look at the pressure gauge scale, and the temperature and pressure gauge PSI unit of the above figure can be consistent.

n  When the gauge is observed to be normal, immediately turn the thimble in the bottle opener clockwise to the lowermost end and tighten to move the low port connector of the air conditioning system. If a bottle is not enough after the addition, please add the second bottle of refrigerant as described above until the external temperature and system pressure have been maintained.

n  At this time, the refrigerant in the car air conditioning system is replenished. Please tighten the L-shaped hat. carry out!




n  1 x Car Refrigerant Charging Pipe



«  Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the picture.

«  Please allow 1-3 mm difference due to manual measurement. (1 inch=25.4mm)

«  The Fahrenheit temperature and air conditioning system pressure comparison table confirms that the pressure in the system is high and low. The high system pressure indicates that the refrigerant in the system is more than the normal value, and vice versa. If the outside temperature is 30 degrees, the pressure in the air conditioning system should be around 45 PSI. If it is less than 45 PSI, the refrigerant should be replenished.

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