Uncut Roll Window Tint Film 25% VLT 20"x118" Deep Black Car Home Office Glass

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Window tinting has been a popular option for decades, both as a perceived insulator from heat and glare as well as increasing privacy. Plus, in Australia summer, area near window can get hot - really hot. Having a tint on your windows, can help to reduce air conditioning usage in a way and improve the look of most windows. Our window tint film filters out up to 99% of incident ultra violet light - ultra violet is the major cause of fading in curtains, carpets or soft furnishings. It reduces glare, keeps your home cool and is also an easy way to protect your furnishings. Not least, it increases your home privacy whenever you need to keeps out the prying eyes, without pulling the curtains. Easy to apply in just five simple steps. This ALL RIDE BLACK SOLAR WINDOW FILMreduces heat and glare from the sun and blocks out UV rays. The film can be easily fitted and will also act as a stylish security tint. 

n  Brand new and high quality

n  Perfect for commercial, residential, and automotive use

n  Maximum heat rejection

n  Metalized and scratch resistant

n  Cuts off 99% of the ultraviolet radiation

n  Visible Light Transmission: 25%

n  Decorative vintage style

n  Stable and robust construction

n  Rust-proof powder-coated finish

n  Weatherproof for longlasting

n  Beautiful and varied backrest patterns

n  High weight capacity

n  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use




n  Colour: Black  

n  Thickness: 2mil  

n  UV Rejection2%<

n  Solar energy rejected: 45%

n  Visible Light Transmittance25%

n  Dimensions: 300 x 50cm

n  Weight: 160g


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n  Measure and cut: Cut the film around 1cm more than the glass size. Use the knife to trim off the excess

n  Water solution: Add 5 to 7 drops of liquid detergent or shower gel to water to create water solution

n  Clean: Pray the water solution generously on the window and wipe clean. Repeat process until glass is clean

n  Wet: Generously spray the solution onto the inside surface of the window

n  Apply: Remove the clear liner and apply the adhesive of the film on the wet glass




n  1 x Window Tint Film (wrapped in a hard paper tube)  

n  1 x Free Knife  

n  1 x Free Scraper blade



What is VLT?

VLT stands for “Visible Light Transmission”. Lower the VLT percentage is the darker it gets:   

«  05% VLT: Very Dark, Limo style   

«  15-20% VLT: Dark, Factory tint style   

«  35% VLT: Moderate   

«  50% VLT: Low   

«  70% VLT: Very Low, looks almost not tinted

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