Tapered Drill Bits Countersink Set Stop Collars Hex Key Wood Pilot Hole DIY New

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Item Description

- 22pcs Tapered Drill & Countersink Set. Includes 7pc tapered drill bits, 7 countersinks, 7 adjustable stop collars plus hex key.

- Taper drills have more gripping power than standard drills.

- Pre-drills for wood screws and makes pilot holes with perfect tapers ever time.

- This set is perfect for all the popular wood scew sizes.- Professional tool for commercial or occasional use. 

- Manufactured from heat treated steel for strength and durability 

- Single twist design efficiently ejects chips for cleaner holes. 

- Each piece can drill and countersink in one go. 

- Suitable for steel (thin materials) as well as a variety of other materials (wood or plastic etc...) 

- Adjustable for the depth of the hole required. 

Product Specifcations

- Drill Bit Material : HSS-4241 

- Black Chamfer Drill Body Material : 45# Steel 

- Shank : Round shank 

- Made for Screw Sizes : #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #12 

- Drill Bit Sizes : 1/8"(3.18mm) , 9/64"(3.58mm) , 5/32"(3.97mm) , 11/64"(4.37mm) , 3/16"(4.76mm) , 13/64"(5.15mm) , 7/32"(5.56mm) 

Package Content

1 x 21pcs Drill Bits 

1 x Mini Hex Wrench

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