Silicone Repair Tape Self Fusing Pipe Plumbers Electritions Cable Plumbing Leak

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This silicone tape adheres only to itself, creating a completely air, dust and water resistant seal, can be used in almost any environment indoors or out.


Made of good quality silicone rubber, heat resistant and insulation.

Easy to remove, no messy adhesive, pastes only to itself, forms permanent bond.

Silicone tape can be easily removed, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Has an elongation of 300% and can be adapted to different product profiles.

Impervious to temperatures from -58℉ to 500℉ and most chemical solvents.

Anti-arc and anti-magnetic, provide a fully insulated and safe operating environment.

Seal leaky hoses, pipe, tubing for emergency hose repair.





 Material: silica gel

Length: 3 meter

Width: 25mm

Thickness: 0.5mm

Tensile strength ≥ 4.9Mpa

Elongation ≥ 300%

Dielectric strength ≥ 400V/mil

Color: black; white; yellow; green; blue; grey (optional)

Operating Temperature: -50℃ to 260℃ (-58℉ to 500℉)


Package Content:


1 x Silicone Tape

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