12Pcs SDS Hammer Drill Bit Set With Keyless Chuck + SDS Adapter For DHR24

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A Makita drill and chisel set for use with SDS Plus hammer drills.

The set is supplied in a Plastic carry case.

Great cutting performance and cost effective too.

The ideal accompaniment to an SDS-PLUS drill (with chiselling function) Well suited to concrete, demolition, render, chasing and fixings applications.



Material: YG8C alloy, 40Cr steel

Features: chrome steel drill body U-shaped groove, fast chip removal

Uses: Dedicated to shovel walls, and suitable for drilling of ordinary stones, concrete, brick walls, etc.


9pc SDS drill bits, sizes: Ø5 x 110mm, Ø6 x 110mm, Ø8 x 160mm, Ø10 x 160mm, Ø12 x 160mm, Ø14 x200mm, Ø16 x 210mm, Ø18 x 300mm and Ø20 x 450mm

1 x 250mm Pointed SDS Chisel

1 x 250 x 20mm Flat SDS Chisel

1 x 250mm x 20mm Half Round SDS Chisel

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