Safety Travel Charger Multi Conversion Plug Adapter Socket Converter AU/UK/US/EU

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Weight: 50g


Product Description:

 Rated Current: 10 (A)

 Rated Voltage: 0~250(V)

 Housing Material: Flame retardant ABS

 Conductor Material: Copper sheet

 Payload: 1 (KW)

Rated Power: 1000 (W)

 Scope Of Application: Low-power electronic products

 Specification: Pure copper CE certification

 Product Material: ABS flame retardant material + copper plate


Scope Of Application: for global travel

 Product Function: Conversion of plugs in various countries

 Available Colors: Off-white





 1. An adapter with universal socket, flat top and single plug. Adapters with different plugs are available

 2. Head type, female socket, universal socket can accept different plugs from all over the world

 3. Protect your computer and personal appliances from foreign spikes

 4. Accepts easy-to-use integration of grounded and ungrounded plugs from dozens of countries

5. Adapter for electrical wall outlets in the most frequent travel areas to protect your appliances from external power spikes



Package Included:

1 * Universal Charger


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