Rubber Eraser Wheel Arbor Pinstripe Sticker Decal Tape Glue Adhesive Remover

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This product is suitable for grinding and polishing with pneumatic and electric polishing machine.
Can quickly remove decals, tapes and other stains on automobiles or other items.
This product is made of high quality rubber, more durable.
Rubber wheel, it does not damage the paint on the surface of the object that needs polishing.
Equipped with M6 screw, more convenient to install.
Easy to use, convenient and safe


Material: Rubber
Thread Diameter: 6mm
Color: Yellow
Max Speed: 4000 R.P.M.
Product dimension: 76mm/3.0 in,   88mm/3.5in,100mm / 4.0 in (Optional)

Package included:

1 * Rubber Wheel Eraser
1 * Chuck

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