Replacement Wing Mount Car Electric Aerial Fitting Kit Fully Automatic Antenna

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Weight: 610g



Model: BF-686

Working voltage: DC12V

Voltage range: DC10V-14V

Working current: 0.7±0.2A

Wiring (three) connection method: red line is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, black line is grounded with the ear, and the green line has two connections: one is the direct current positive pole, so the antenna rises and falls with the power supply on and off, and the other is connected. Control line so that the antenna can be controlled at any time.

Stretch length: 750 (outside the length of the car)

Protective bottom plate: 305mm

Cable length: 1400mm

Voltage: 12VDC


Stainless steel antenna mast, five sections, AM/FM with good performance, working current less than 0.5A,

The noise is lower than 50DB, the service life is more than 50,000 times, and the top force is greater than 4KG.

Waterproof, easy to install, optional with multiple mounting heads

Built-in imported micro-relay, 3C-2V coaxial cable, the line length is determined by customers.

Economical vehicle fully automatic antenna

Five stainless steel antenna mast

The antenna mast is 39 inches long

FM radio is good

Low noise and good waterproof

Easy to install

External high quality micro relay, long service life

3C-2V coaxial cable, impedance 75 ohms

Installation angle: 0-30 degrees

Fitment :

FOR Mercedes-Benz S430 All 1996-2005

FOR Acura NSX All 1991-2001

FOR Jeep Grand Cherokee All 1984-1998

FOR Pontiac Firebird All 1982-2001

FOR Cadillac Eldorado All 1960-1999

FOR Toyota Camry All 1985-2001

FOR Porsche 911 All 1974-1989

Package included :

1 x Stainless Steel Antenna Kit

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