Parking Radar Detector 4 Reversing Sensors Digital Tube LED Display Kit

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Weight: 360g



Detection distance: 0.3~2.5m

Alarm distance: 0.3~1.5m

Working frequency: 40KHz

Working voltage: 12V DC

Current consumption: 20ma-200ma

Working temperature: -40 ° ~ 80 °

Alarm volume: 70~85dB (at 30cm)

the maximum power: 2.5w


Automatically detect obstacles behind the vehicle when reversing, automatically open and switch.

crescent type LED heartbeat step by step display function, digital + sound step by step prompt.

microcomputer intelligent control, accurate digital display obstacle distance, from military technology, accurate and reliable.

sound + LED high-brightness distance tips, not affected by the environment, rainy days, nights and nights are particularly advantageous.

anti-electromagnetic interference, patented technology, international certification. Quality assurance. No impact on the original electronic system.

the probe is embedded installation, multi-color configuration, the sensor is exquisite and compact, easy to install.

The curve design matches the instrument panel and has strong anti-interference ability.



The shell is new and trendy, and ABS is made of new materials.

Dual CPU microcomputer intelligent control, derived from military technology, accurate and reliable.

SMD motherboard, beautiful and neat, the failure rate is less than 0.5%.

Use imported chips, faster and more accurate.

After-vibration elimination technology reduces the false alarm rate.

Probe (size: 22*20mm):

22mm concave design, no water accumulation, unique design to prevent false detection of ultrasonic detection to the ground.

Ceramic crystal oscillator for longer life.

Anti-jamming wire, not affected by the original car signal.

The design of the beer head is easier to pull and insert and has a long life.

Optional waterproof wire for easy installation.

The probe is embedded in the installation, and the multi-color configuration is compact and compact.

Package include:

1x main control box

4x probe parking sensor

1x display


The maximum effective range of reversing radar detection is 2.5 meters. For different obstacles, the ultrasonic reflection intensity is different and the detection distance is also different.

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