Outside External Metric Gauge Micrometer Machinist Measuring 0-25mm

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Weight: 50g



Material: carbon steel
Measuring range: 25
Resolution: 0.001
Scope of application: 25

Specifications: Micrometer 0-25


Outer diameter micrometer the external dimensions measuring instruments, measure the distance between the two sides of the square frame by use of helix principle.

Outer diameter micrometer is mainly used for measuring a variety of external dimensions.

Diameter micrometer dividing value is 0.01mm, the upper limit of measurement range is not more than 300mm, divided into a 25mm per specification. Such as 0-25mm, 25-50mm and so on.

Diameter micrometer form shown in the picture: (The picture is for illustration only, does not indicate the detailed structure.)

Instructions for use:

1. Clean the measuring surface before use and correct the zero position. 0-25mm direct alignment zero: 25mm above use the bar gauge aimed at quasi-zero.

2. Zero correction method: If the 0-bit line is not aligned with the baseline, first loose screw with a screwdriver slightly, with a wrench to adjust the baseline position, so that the baseline alignment 0 taste bit line, then tighten the screws. (See instructions for use picture 2)

3. When measuring, the micrometer should be perpendicular to the work piece under test, rotating force measuring device, the measuring surface in contact with the work piece should be rotating gently, when the force measuring device issued a slight "click, click ..." sound, That is the actual size of the work piece under test.

4. Locking device can be passive measurement of micro-screw back and forth. Relax to the right and lock to the left. (See instructions for use Figure 3)

5. When measuring, the left hand should hold the heat shield to prevent body temperature transmitted to the micrometer, causing measurement error.

6. One end of the wrench can be adjusted zero, the other end can pull the force measuring device.

Warm tips:

1. Micrometer is a precision measuring tool, when used gently, after use in the exposed parts coated with anti-rust oil, and placed in the box, put it at the dry and ventilated place.

2. Measurement cannot force the micro-rotation cylinder, so as not to damage the accuracy.

Package Included:

1 x Outside Micrometer
1 x Accessory 

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