No Heat Leather Vinyl Repair Kit Fix Holes Burns Car Boat Seat Cloth Rip Gouge

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This product is designed to let you repair the damaged leather of your beloved car at the least cost, let your car be repaired to a new look, and the product comes with instructions to teach you how to match the right color.

The product carries a variety of textured papers for a variety of leathers.

A variety of colors are available, and the instructions are accompanied by a teaching. 

Very convenient to use.

Brand New and High Quality.

Instructions for use

1. Wash the damaged area with rubbing alcohol and cut off the weak and damaged leather. The plane of the damaged area is to be level with the plane of the undamaged area.

2. Using a cloth from the repair kit, cut a piece of cloth slightly larger than the area of the damaged area and insert it under the damaged area, which provides a good basis for repairing the composite.

3. Use the color guide on the other side of the instruction manual to call up the desired color. When the colors match, apply the tuned mixture to the area to be repaired and leave it for an hour to dry. It shrinks when the mixture dries off. If necessary, apply two or three layers. Note: The color that is dried will be slightly deeper than the color when wet.

4.When the last layer of the mixture is applied, select the paper closest to the texture of the area to be repaired, place the paper on the coated mixture, and press hard, which will print the lines on the paper to the damaged area. Leave it for one night and let it dry completely. Remove the paper when the mixture is completely dry.


 TypeLeather Vinyl Repair Kit Fix Rips

Style: Repair Kit

Color: As in picture

Weight: 107g


1 * Leather & Vinyl Fix Rips Repair Kit

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