Milk Silk Car Wash Duster House Cleaning Brush Wax Mop Telescoping Dusting Dust

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Weight: 50g


Three core functions


New technology multifunctional car cleaning brush.

No need electricity, it will rotate automatically to wash your car


Automaticly Rotate: no need electricity, it rotates by water power.

Spray Foam: put the detergent into the box and foam will come out automatically.

High-pressure Washing: Remove the brush head and it will increase hydraulic pressure.




Rotary brush Material: Chenille

White Brush Material: PP brush

Water pipe material: PA66

Maximum pressure:130BAR / 1885PSI

Hydraulic levels: Three levels

Flow rate: 13 liters per minute




1. The new technology multi-purpose car cleaning brush can automatically rotate the brush to wash car without water and electricity.

2. Put the detergent into the box, it can automatically add detergent and release foam.

3. Removing the brush head can increase the water pressure, high pressure washing can help you wash the car cleanly..


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With three waterpower gears, you can use it for yourself or give it to friends as a gift, can be used for car, home, room cleaning, glass doors and windows cleaning, cabinets, garden watering



1 Kit * Car Care Washing Tool(not including waterpipe



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