Ice Scraper Snowboard Remove Frost Car Windshield Snow Scraper 2-in-1 w/ Brush

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Weight: 50g



Material: ABS+PVC+EVA

Color: blue

Suitable for: universal car

Size: (approx) 65 x 10 x 6.5 cm


Snow removal brush head: ABS high-strength plastic, PVC brush wire is resistant to low temperature and is not easy to break

Snow removal shovel head: ABS high-strength plastic casting, hard and firm

Handle design: EVA foam, soft and elastic, anti-aging, anti-cracking in winter, no ice,

Shovel and brush in one design, the shovel can be detachable, convenient and easy to use, suitable for various types of cars.

Besides removing snow from cars, you can also use it to sweep electric vehicle, bicycle, and house, door, window covered with heavy snow.

Long handle design, save more energy, can clean the roof of vehicles more easily.

Good quality, portable size, easy to carry and shove snow.

Package Includes:

1 x Snow Brush


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