HVAC AC Schrader Valve Core Remover Dual Size 1/4" 5/16" Port Installer Tool Set

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    1.    Pull out the upper end of the valve stem, close the valve on the wrench, adjust the connector of the wrench to the air conditioning interface, and then tighten the air conditioning valve.

    2.    After confirming that the wrench is fastened to the air conditioning valve, open the valve of the disassembly wrench, push the valve stem into the air conditioning valve, rotate the end knob of the wrench, find the valve clamping angle, and then loosen the valve core.

    3.    After the valve core is removed, pull out the valve stem, close the valve on the valve wrench, loosen the screw at the end of the removal wrench, and take out the valve core.


    n  Do not need take out refrigerant and can operate when air conditioner is working.

    n  Has a ball valve that can be opened and closed in just a quarter-turn rather than a stem-type valve.

    n  Work on service valves cores of booth 1/4" and 5/16" service ports. 

    n  Very convenient to use.

    n  Good quality and durable.

    n  Solid Forged Brass/steel construction, designed solid to last.

    n  You can remove valve cores quickly and easily.



    n  TypeValve Core Remover Installer Tool

    n  Suitable interface: 1/4"&5/16"

    n  Color: As in picture

    n  Material: Brass

    n  Size: 230mm*16mm

    n  Weight: 208g


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    n  1 * valve core remover

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