H11 711 55w Xenon White Headlight Bulbs 12v Main Dipped Toyota Auris Hybrid

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Weight: 50g



Bulb type: H8/H11

Color: White

Technology: Xenon

Wattage: 55w

Voltage: 12v


-When it comes to driving in the fog, visibility is extremely poor, and therefore you need a good reliable set of headlight bulbs.

-Our Xenon 55w Super White Fog bulb upgrades give a superb daylight white light effect, designed to give your car that 6000k modern HID look without any of the cost!

-The Blue Filter reduces the yellow light emitted from the headlights to produce up to 50% more usable light on the road.

-The Xenon gas allows the bulbs to burn considerably brighter than a normal halogen gas filled bulb yet consume the same power at 12 volts, so no wiring/fuse changes are required.

Package include:

2x H8/H11 Xenon Light Bulb

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