GPS Audio Input Car Radio Stereo 1Din 7" HD Touch Screen Bluetooth MP5 Player

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Power supply voltage: DC12V, (24V transformer to be added);

Bluetooth phone support Bluetooth music player

Support reverse video input, reversing the priority (camera optional)

Support LRC lyrics and ID3 display

Use 24Bit DAC, precision restore fidelity sound quality;

Support APE, FLAC, WAV, DIS lossless audio formats, support for high rate! CD sound quality enthusiast level;

Support 24Bit 96KHz WAV format, resolution of more than music CD;

Support audio format: DIS, MP3, WMA, ACC, OGG, WAV, RA, AC3, MP2, AMR, etc.

Support video format: AVI, MP4, FLV, PMP, RM, RMVB, MPG format.

Support picture format: JPEG

High-definition 7-inch high definition touch screen, dynamic menu interface.

Support TF card, high-speed USB2.0 interface is compatible with a variety of U disk, removable hard drive, hot-swappable.

Card-type full-function remote control.

The new chip set (CPU), the reaction is faster, more stable, more powerful!

Volume adjustment knob.

A variety of sound regulation (SEL): Electronic volume, treble, bass, balance left and right, front and rear sound field.

Using a dedicated DSP chip to achieve a variety of lossless / lossy decoded audio formats;

Hardware electronic sounds (EQ) processing, multiple EQ modes, treble and bass can be adjusted;

Full digital electronic control search radio stations, high-performance digital tuning FM radio automatically scans, 18 stations memory

Song memory xubo! Lets you play MP3 no longer re-start the first song;

Latest Support: Folder play, classified storage, free election broadcast, the display list.

Support shuffle, repeat all, repeat single, repeat directory.

AUX audio input interface can add MP3, GPS, mobile phones, music players and other audio input.

USB support large current output, can charge for mobile phone (Note: Some phones may not charge, please know); 


Front panel Size: 188mm(Top width)*58mm(High)

Radio chip:FM1/FM2/FM3/AM1/AM2 -we added the AM function on Sep-05,it is difference than before.

Audio frequency:FM87.5~108.0MHz  AM522~1620KHz

Color: Black

7inch Touch Screen

Retractable Screen

Built-in Bluetooth + Microphone

Support hands-free calls

Phone link

Play high-definition movies

Support setting up menu languages

Interface: Two USB ports(One data port, one charging port)

                One AUX port

                Two TF port(One map TF card port, one data TF card port) we added the port  function on Sep-05,it is difference than before.

Color: Black

Support power output can charge for mobile phone or other USB device.

Support Storage device: USB disk /TF card ( NOT included)

AUX audio input

Rearview camera Function

Remote control

Built-in Analog TV Tuner

TV aerial is NOT included


1*Vehicle MP5 player

1* Remote Control

1* Car Speaker Cable kit

1* Rear Camera

1* Manual

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