Car Remote Alarm Central Control Security System Horn Megaphone Universal

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This alarm system is good for protecting all doors, boot and bonnet also to immobilize the vehicle.

It will go off if any of doors is open (also it has shock sensor witch means that the alarm will be

triggered if car will receive an impact). 

Remote central locking. Alarm will link to the existing central locking of your car and you will be 

able to lock/unlock your car remotely. 

Hazards will flash every time it is armed or disarmed and if alarm will be triggered hazards will

be on as long as the siren will keep sounding. 

It does have silent arming/disarming option (and possibility to disable shock sensor if for example 

pets are left in the car.) 

Includes LED light to warn others about the existence of the alarm.  

As a standard alarm comes with remote controls.


1.The car door lock system can provide an easy way to control your car. 

2.Remotely lock and unlock your car. 

3.Warning identification, Anti-theft.    

4.Direction light flashing. 

5.The side lights are flashing when door is unclosed well. 

6.Electric/pneumatic central door lock optional. 

7.Central door lock automatically.    

8.Remote car location. 

9.Remote trunk release. 

10.Rising power window.   

11.Universally for any cars.


Main unit: 

Working voltage: DC12+_3V 
Static: current: 10mA 
Output current: turning light 7.5A x2 
LED indicator: 3mA 
Siren: 10A 
Central locking: 10A 
Working frequency: 433.92MHZ 

Remote control:

Working voltage: DC12V / 6V 
Average static current: 0mA 
Battery: 23/ 27A/ 12V/6V 
Fastener battery: Cr2016 

Shocking sensor:

Working voltage: DC12+_3V 
Static: current: 1mA

Package include: 
1x Main control unit 

2x Remote control 

1x Siren speaker 

1x Flameout relay 

1x Shock sensor 

1x compression switch

1x LED connection wire 

4x Wire 

1x Instruction manual 

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