Car GS-100A LED Brake Light Stop Lamp Strobe Flash Module Controller 12V-24V

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This strobe / flash controller allows you to easily convert your vehicle's third brake light and add an extra warning by converting the standard brake light to a strobe / flash warning indicator in case there is any solid. When the brakes are applied, this device first switches to strobe mode, then to flash mode and finally to fixed mode. This way, the traffic behind you is more visible to the rear after you stop.


Brand new and high quality

Can warn vehicles behind you to stop in time

Can prevent rear-end collisions

Suitable for all 12-16V voltage inputs.


Maximum current input: 2A.

Compatible with all types of brake lights including LED groups

Relay size: 5 * 2.8 * 1.5CM

Black wire - negative pole; Red wire - positive pole.

Output power: 20W.


You need to connect the LED bulb first, then the second,

or there will be no flash or no on.

Package contents:

1 x strobe controller for vehicle brake light

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