Camping shower shower submersible pump car outdoor garden shower water pump

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Weight: 50g


Product description:

Product parameters: voltage 12V

Current: 3A

Power: 35-60W

Product weight: 0.70 kg

Hose length: 2 m

Automotive power cord: 5 m

Product instructions:

1. Prepare a bucket of water in advance (the water temperature should not exceed 45 degrees), put the pump in the bucket and plug the power cord into the car to connect to the 12V cigarette lighter.

2. Adjust the height of the nozzle and secure the nozzle with the suction cup and hook attached to the product in a suitable position.

3. Then press the water outlet switch at the bottom of the nozzle horizontally and then the start switch of the water pump to enjoy the different feelings of a camping shower.

4.The easy-to-carry rain shower has a variety of uses, such as: B. Outdoor car wash, shower, picnic and other practical tools.

5. The vehicle's direct 12 V power supply drives the micropump, which is suitable for a self-driving outdoor camping shower and a temporary bath after swimming at sea (recommended for special outdoor shower tents or changing tents).

Products include:

1X portable car wash

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