Bike Bicycle Chain Break Rivet Extractor Remover Splitter Breaker Repair Tool US

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Weight: 160g



1.    Material: Carbon steel

2.   Colour: Black + Silver

3.   Fitscommon bicycle chains of 7/8/9/10 speed, Works for all common bicycle chains.



1.    Designed to quickly and accurately remove and install chain pins.

2.   Along with superior strength and durability, it features a handy "loosening shelf" to remedy stiff links after reassembly.

3.   The fine thread and comfortable size enable easy removal of even the toughest chain pins.

4.   Easy to break, easy to re-chain, unique groove on the top make it easy to see how far you have pop the peg out and to remove the cutted chain with peg out of the tool. You no longer need to make tremendous force to remove the chain pins of your bike.

5.   The bike handy tool fits the following : common bicycle chains of 7/8/9/10 speed, Works for all common bicycle chains.            


Package includes:

1 * Bicycle Chain Repair Tool

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