AU Poly Strip Disc Wheel Paint Rust Removal Clean For Angle Grinder 100*75mm

Size: 3"(75mm)
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Weight: 70g



*Safe, even self grinding force and processing effect

*Wear resistance and water resistance, strong plasticity, good flexibility

*Anti-clogging, suitable for workpieces of various shapes

*Control cutting, grinding surface is not damaged; no rust, no falling, little noise, less dust

*Used to remove general coating and surface finish

*Can be used in low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cement, plastic, wood and stone surfaces

*Suitable for automotive repair, construction, chemical industry light industry, shipbuilding and repair industry,etc


*Material:Polyurethane Coating+Nylon Rope

*Color:Black(As pictures show)

*Size:4 inch/3 inch(Approx)

*Grit Length:25mm(Approx)

*Center Hole Diameter:50mm(Approx)

*Grit Thickness:13mm(Approx)

*Small Hole Diameter:16mm(Approx)

*Shank: 6mm

*Grit: 36

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