Antistatic ESD Grid Tape 15 to 100mm Wide x 36m Anti Static Conductive Grid Tape

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Anti-static tartan tape: made of anti-static OPP material, it only produces electrostatic voltage below 100V (general tape ≥5000V), which greatly reduces the ESD hazard generated by product packaging. 

Uses: Circuit board, laptop, mobile phone communication requires external packaging of anti-static products

Can be removed cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue.


Material: Anti-static combined OPP 

Surface resistance : 10ohm

Size : 15mm x 36M/25mm x 36M/26mm x 36M/30mm x 36M/32mm x 36M/36mm x 36M/40mm x 36M/

         42mm x 36M/45mm x 36M/48mm x 36M/50mm x 36M/55mm x 36M/60mm x 36M/65mm x 36M/

         70mm x 36M/75mm x 36M/80mm x 36M/85mm x 36M/90mm x 36M/95mm x 36M/100mm x 36M

Package include:

1 Roll Antistatic Grid Tape

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