AIWO Double Ratcheting Wrench spanners Open End GearWrench Dual use silver Tool

Size: 8mm
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Weight: 50g



This combination ratcheting wrench offers a unique holding function thanks to the metal plate in the jaw which reduces the risk of dropping nuts and bolts.
The ratchet mechanism at the ring end enables the spanner to be used in very confined spaces.
Made from high performance chrome molybdenum steel
Holding function with metal plate in jaw
Integrated stop plate
Double-hex geometry
Nickel-chrome coating for high corrosion protection
Very small drawback angle
Secure fastening even at high torque


Color: silver
Material: metal
Uses: quick-fixed double-use ratchet spanner plum wrench
Scope of application: general purpose

Package Content

1 double-use ratchet spanner

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