Air Random Orbital Sander Adjustable Pneumatic Polisher Grinding Sanding Set

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Weight: 1015g



Easy to handle, provide high-quality finish for auto body and woodworking

High rotating speed, work more quick and efficient

Hook and loop pad & PSA pad; quick connector; composite body design and balanced ball bearing construction.

Adjustable Built-in stainless-steel regulator valve makes it easy for airflow to control speed.

Suitable for all kinds of polishing and polishing materials, sandpaper, scouring pad, sponge, wool wheel, suitable for car beauty,Wood, furniture and building materials, metal rust polishing


Power mode: pneumatic

No-load speed: 12000rpm

Rated air pressure: 90psi (0.63MPa)

Gas consumption: 0.34m3/min

Deflection range: 5mm

Sticking plate diameter: 125mm

Type:Standard version,Vacuum version

Warm Tips:

1.After project work, close the pipe valve first, then the grinder, pressure relief, and last remove the grinder switch.

2.Grinding wheel should be kept dry and can not be stored in humid or open-air place.(NOTE: our sander can not be used for wet grinding )

3.Before you use,Please Inject oil into the air inlet, idle for 3-5 seconds

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