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This plastic bottle car pulse tornado car cleaning gun cleaner is ideal for upholstery, air conditioning, plastic parts, mirrors, seats, floor mats, vents, tires and other surfaces.


The nozzle design allows cleaning hard-to-reach places. It allows to clean the surfaces with minimum humidity. The gun has the detergent quantity setting.


Using the air pump with a good cleaning solution, it is enough to clean the interior of the car. After cleaning, wipe it with a towel and wipe it like new.


Powerful compressed air impulses create agitation free of dirt and debris


Simply use a dry, non-contact spray gun, you can clean these sticky stubborn stains firmly to achieve complete cleaning of car interiors, clean the shape without contact


You can eliminate gaps that are difficult to clean, such as car seats, leather car seats, instrument panels, door panels, steering wheels, carpets, floor mats, roof sheds, engine surfaces, tire surfaces and surfaces cube.


Especially for parts that are difficult to clean in normal times, the effect is particularly obvious. For example: the seam between the seats, the seam between the rugs, the seam between the door trim and the carpet, etc.





Product Name: High Pressure Air Pulse Car Cleaning Gun Surface Interior Exterior Tornado


Air pressure: 6.5 - 9.2 kg


Operating temperature: 10 ° - 40 °


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Use with ultra concentrated detergent, which must be diluted in water in a ratio of 1:10.


When cleaning the car object, it is advisable to close the liquid valve first, it will wash.


Open the liquid valve to spray the cleaning liquid evenly over the emulsified object for 10-15 minutes.


The muzzle is kept 15mm - 30mm from the clean object and moves back and forth.


Use towels to absorb residual dirt and excess fluids.


Close the liquid valve and dry it with a brush.




1 x Tornado Pulse Cleaning Gun


1 x brush


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