99X1.5-10mm HSS Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set Piece and Case Wood Metal Kit US

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This item is a set of twist drill bits with different sizes with a carrying case.  They are made of high-speed steel, they are sturdy, durable and practical. This special coating gives the bits a very high surface hardness to help penetrate tough materials, makes the bits highly corrosion resistant and significantly reduces friction between bit and workpiece. Perfect to drill holes on aluminium alloy, thin wood borad, wood slices, plastic and other similar materials.


- Color: As shown.

- Material:  HSS/High Speed Steel and Plating Titanium Coated .

- Containing sizes:

16pcs x 1.5mm; 16pcs x 2mm; 15pcs x 2.5mm; 10pcs x 3mm; 10pcs x 3.2mm; 8pcs x 3.5mm; 8pcs x 4mm;

3pcsx 4.5mm; 3pcsx 5mm; 4pcsx 5.5mm; 2pcsx 6.5mm; 2pcsx 8mm; 2pcs x 10mm.

- Various sizes are offered to meet different needs. Accurate size will do the work well.

- Classic high-speed steel construction with titanium coating for proven capability and durability.

- Made of quality high speed steel, it is wear resistant and corrosion resistant.

- Good performance and long life. Excellent for DIY, home and general building or engineering using.

- Ideal for drill presses and stationary machines.

- Note: This item is not suitable for heavy metal drilling. It only suits aluminium alloy, thin wood borad, wood slices, plastic and other similar materials, not for use on concrete or masonry.

Package includes:

99 x Drill Bits

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