7 in 1 Pro. Voltage Sensing Wire Strippers Electrical Crimper Cutting Pliers

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Weight: 210g



Seven-in-one multi-function grinding wire stripper

1. It is made of high carbon steel and has overall heat treatment, high hardness, strong shearing force and durability.

2. It adopts grinding tooth treatment, and the stripping hole has sharp edge. When the wire is stripped, the wire incision is neat and cut without damaging the core, and the appearance is elegant; the blade is coated with anti-rust oil and is not easy to rust.

3. PVC plastic handle, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, suitable for long hours of operation.

4. With 6 broken wire holes, it can be broken easily, the cuts are neat and beautiful.


Model: MT-113

Full length: 180 (mm)

Weight: 210 (g)

Handle material: pvc

Stripping diameter: 0.6-2.6 (mm)


Color: red and black

Package Content

1X wire stripper

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