6mm Shank Tungsten Carbide Point Burr Die Grinder Shank Rotary Drill Bits US

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Product Usage

Tungsten carbide burrs are widely used in industrial sectors such as machinery, aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical engineering, and process engraving. The main usage are as follows

1.Fine processing of various metal molds, such as processing shoe molds, etc.

2.Used for various metal and non-metal process engraving, such as mold engraving, trimming of craft gifts

3.Clean the flash, burrs, welds of castings, forgings, weldments, such as machine-casting factories, shipbuilding factories, automobile factories, etc.

4.Used for chamfering rounding and groove processing of various mechanical parts, cleaning pipes, finishing the inner hole surface of mechanical parts, such as machinery factory, repair shop, etc.

5.Used for the repair of the impeller runner, such as the car engine factory.

Instructions for use

Carbide rotary burr is mainly used in power tools or pneumatic tools (also can be installed on machine tools), and the driving speed is generally 6000-50,000 rpm.

The difference between double cutter and single cutter

1.Double cutter is more suitable for materials with lower density. For example, used on wood, plastic, aluminum and other materials. With crossed lines, the chip removal is fast, and it is easy to block in the grain gap during grinding and engraving, so the double cut is more suitable for the soft object.

2.The texture of the single-cutter determines that it is not suitable for processing softer materials. Because the single cutter cuts the soft material, the debris is easy to block the sipe, resulting in a shallower texture depth and a lower cutting capacity. Therefore, single cutter is more suitable for hard materials such as iron, copper and steel.

Warm tips:

Must wear protection goggle when operating and cut

Adopt different speeds of level according to processing materials

Be careful about mounting and handling the burr correctly


 Name: G Style Tungsten Carbide Burr for Rotary Die Grinder

 Type: double slot, single slot.

 Shank Dia:1/4”(6mm)

 Cutter Head Dia:



◆Meterial: Tungsten Carbide 

Package includes:

1x Tungsten Carbide Burr

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