5W 12V Solar Power Panel Trickle Battery Charger For Car SUV Truck Boat Caravan

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Weight: 50g



Name: Solar Panel

Solar panels to power consumption: 12V 4.5W/5W

No-load voltage 18-23VDC

Load voltage: 12V

Output current: up to more than the standard light source 10000LUX 250mA


The product is to slowly but continuously recharge your car battery via sunlight, so as to supplement the power shortage of your car battery due to non-use for a long time. Great for outdoor work or travel or camping training. Thus, it can well maintain the car battery. The main function is to SUPPLEMENT charging of the car battery so as to maintain battery and enlarge its life time. You are not supposed to rely on it to charge the car battery in a short time. More importantly, the product is eco-friendly without any waste coming with it. In addition, it come with a 5V USB output port to power up mobile phones and other 5V charging digital products like MP4, PSP, DV, DC etc. Meanwhile, you can use it to charge any other 12V batteries you have anywhere as long as you have sunlight available.

Charging for your car battery, notebook computer or other 12V rechargeable battery designed with the solar power lightweight, environmental and safe.

Easy to use. Two elastic straps of the back, convenient to set in the sun visor, you can sunshade and charge the car battery at the same time.

Great for outdoor work or travel or camping training    



Prior to use, make sure to connect to the right positive and negative poles.

Be sure to use the accessories coming with the product. Please consult your supplier before using other supplier’s accessories.

Without the help of a technician, please do not try to change the product circuit or using method.

The cigarette lighter plug and battery clip wire are with the current anti reflux function. No need to worry about the current reflux. Just leave it there to keep it charging.

The best working hours for the product is 9:00 am to 17:00 pm (mainly for sunny days).



1 x 4.5w/5w Solar Panel

1 x Battery Clips

1 x Car Charger Cigarette Lighter Plug

2 x Suckers

1 x English Manual


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