5Pcs Multi-Material Tile Drill BIts Set for Ceramic Porcelain Granite Marble New

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Weight: 185g



High quality, durable, pricise drilling in various materials at same time,convinient for use with long life time

One drill bit replaces two drill bits (1x glass & tile drill bit + 1x Mansonry drill bit), Perfect for drilling fastner holes in bathroom tiles, or wall mirrors. 

Once it drills through the tile or mirror this drill bit will cope easily with any masonry behind it

5 Pcs drill bit set with 4 different sizes: 2x 6mm(1/4inch), 1x 8mm(5/16inch), 1x 10mm(3/8inch), 1x 12mm(1/2inch)

U type slot design with fast drilling dust remove, 3-flats shank allows drill bit to be held tightly and stably in power drill.

When drilling hard material (glass, porcelain floor tile, marble or granite), please use water for lubrication


Weight: 210g

Size: 150*70*30mm

Material: tungsten carbide

Shank: 3-flats shank 

Color: Black & Silver 

Used for: tile, concrete, brick, glass, plastic and wood,etc 

Tool: Power drill. Do not use impact mode of drill or hammers

Bits Size: 

2x 6mm(1/4inch) Drill Bit

1x 8mm(5/16inch) Drill Bit

1x 10mm(3/8inch) Drill Bit

1x 12mm(1/2inch) Drill Bit

Package Included:

1 x 5Pcs Multi Material Tile Bits

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