5pcs HSS 5 Flute 82° Deburring Bits Countersink Drill Set Wood Chamfer Endmills

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Weight: 130g



Suitable for such soft work pieces as aluminum, wood and PV board; With 5 blades    

5 flutes and 82 degree point angle, sharp enough for cutting wood, plastic, soft metal as aluminum    

Extremely Sharp of the blades, different sizes of cutter for demands, more precisely work done

Used for counterbore of softer materials such as aluminum, iron, and PV panels.

In the process of use, the five cutting edges can better chip the chips, and the cutting edge is not easy to become dull!    

1/4" Tri-Flat Shank 

Not for stainless steel!     


Material: HSS4341

Surface treatment: Bit roasted yellow

Size:1/4''(6.35mm), 3/8''(9.52mm), 1/2''(12.7mm), 5/8''(15.87mm), 3/4''(19.05mm)   

Shank: 6mm, overall length: approx 60mm

Package Content:

1 x 5pcs 82° Deburring Bits Set

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