5 Pcs 4 inch Buffing Waxing Polishing Sponge Pads Kit Set For Car Polisher Drill

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Weight: 55g



(1) To be polished clean and bright

(2) It can be thrown to the small scratches, play a new effect such as polishing to the mark

(3) olishing liquid, paste, powder with better results


Scope of application:

(1) Glass polishing, glass steel polishing

(2) Stainless steel polishing, home appliances plastic shell polishing

(3) Industrial products, furniture polish, car polish, car maintenance, beauty and so on

Product Details:

Material: Sponge;

Form: roundness

Size: 4inch:


Thicknes:28mm ;

Each Sets Include Color: Orange,Black,Blue,Yellow,White

Package Included:

5 x  Polishing Pads


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