45pcs 5mm/15mm/25mm Mini Wire Brush Pen Brushes Steel Cup Wheel for Dremel Drill

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- CLEANING: Remove burrs, rust, dust and oxide layer in products surface and hard-to-reach corner. Especially for item made from brass, copper, stainless steel,gold, bronze,silver.

- COATING: Improving the quality of products by stripping residue, deburring grinding,polishing.

- MATERIALS: Made of Stainless Steel, good to use in steel and aluminum surface, very nice in sanding metal surface.

- APPLICATIONS: Be used in the micro-electronic equipment,jewelry and impression Production. It`s a great accessories for Locksmiths, Gunsmith, Jewelers, Technicians, Coin Collectors, Archeologist, Students.


Name:Steel Wire Wheels Pen Brushes Set

Material:Stainless Steel

Color: Silver

Diameter: 5mm/15mm/25mm (15pcs for each model)

Package Content

15 x 25mm Wire Wheel Brushes

15 x 15mm Wire Wheel Brushes

15 x 5mm Wire Wheel Brushes

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