3pcs Drill Bits Angle Gauge Dirll Sharpener Tools S/S Inspection Angle Gage Set

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Diameter drill front edge of the protractor 50 gauge 118 ° apex angle of twist drills grinding

gauge suitable for 118 ° apex diameter of not more than 50mm of grinding twist drills

Check the drill apex angle (60 °, 70 °, 90 °, 110 °, 118 °, 125 °, 135 °, 150 °, 160 °)

Cutting tool angle is 60 degrees for a tooth-shaped angle 55 degree angle and metric thread

inch thread inspection, knife and measuring the angle of special measuring tools


Size: Drill diameter angle Gauge:90mm

Drill bits angle gauge:80mm

Gengeral angle gauge:48mm

Accuracy: ± 5 °

Suitable For: Angle measurement

Quantity: 3Pcs (1Set)

Package includes:

1Pc x Drill diameter angle Gauge

1Pc x Drill bits angle gauge

1Pc x Gengeral angle gauge

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