384PCS Drum Sanding Kit For Nail Drill Bits Dremel Accessories Rotary Tool US

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Weight: 316g



1. Sanding brands contain 6 sanding grits (80 grit, 120 grit, 240 grit, 320 grit, 400 grit, 600 grit) and 3 diameters.

2. Universal drum mandrels. 24 Pcs shank reusable sanding drum are divided into in 3 diameters.

3. Common and standard size fit for all rotary tools.

4. Easy to install. Make sure the drum have been screwed tightly, drum mandrels with self-expanding rubber cushion.

5. Widely applied in smoothing surface and curved edges, polishing materials, like home improvement, artwork.


Color: as shown

Sanding band material: aluminum oxide

Size(approx.): 20 X 15 X 3 cm

Package Included: 

20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(80 girt)

20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(120 girt)

20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(240 girt)

20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(320 girt)

20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(400 girt)

20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(600 girt)

20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(80 girt)

20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(120 girt)

20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(240 girt)

20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(320 girt)

20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(400 girt)

20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(600 girt)

20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(80 girt)

20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(120 girt)

20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(240 girt)

20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(320 girt)

20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(400 girt)

20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(80 girt)

4Pcs * 6.3mm Drum Mandrel(3)

4Pcs * 6.3mm Drum Mandrel(2.35)

4Pcs * 9.5mm Drum Mandrel(3)

4Pcs * 9.5mm Drum Mandrel(2.35)

4Pcs * 12.7mm Drum Mandrel(3)

4Pcs * 12.7mm Drum Mandrel(2.35)

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