30M BNC DC Power Cable Video Lead For CCTV Security Camera DVR Extension Wires

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    This monitoring video extension cable consists of a video cable and a power cable to monitor the integrated cable (with monitoring connector and power connector), easy to install, the video cable is terminated with male BNC connectors on both ends. These pre-made cables will simplify your surveillance system installation by eliminating the need to cut cables and crimp the ends on yourself.


    n  For closed circuit television (CCTV) applications and security camera components.

    n  This pre-terminated CCTV cable is ideal for transmitting video and power.

    n  Simplify the installation of the monitoring system by using a cable to transmit video and power. 

    n  Easily extend the cable of the new camera with this expansion kit.

    n  A variety of sizes to meet your different needs.

    n  waterproof




    n  TypeBNC Camera DVR Video DC Power Cable

    n  Style: CCTV Accessories

    n  Core material: Bare copper wire

    n  Outer material: PVC


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    n  1 * BNC Camera DVR Video DC Power Cable


    «  This product is recommended for indoor use.

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