2W Outdoor Solar Powered Floating Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump Garden Pond Pool

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1. Please place the solar panels under sufficient sunlight and directly face the sun to keep the solar panels clean. The height of the water pump spray and the battery's storage capacity depend on the strength of the sun. When the sun is weak, the pump may not work and the battery cannot be charged.

2. The pump must be immersed in water and cannot be dry. When the pump is just immersed in water, there may be air inside the pump that causes the water to spray low. You can switch the power supply several times to discharge the air. Please keep the water clean and use a waterproof pump to suck in the debris to catch the pump.

3. When you need to use an external power supply for charging, please use the power supply configured by this product to charge. The full charge time is about 3-4 hours, and the battery can be discharged for 7-8 hours when it is fully charged. If other voltages are connected for charging, please note that the power supply voltage, current, and positive and negative polarity of the power supply meet the requirements.


Solar panel Size: Φ163mm

Solar panel voltage : 5V

Solar panel current : 400MA

Solar panel power: 2W

Maximum water spray : 30-60cm

Lithium battery capacity : 500MA

Outlet Diameter : 8.5mm

 Material: Matte PET Process

Package Size: 170 (L) x 170 (W) x 50 (H) mm

Number of nozzles quantity: 4pcs

Heat Resistance: 0-60 ° C

Use environment : water

Package Includes:

1 x Solar pump

3 x Spray head

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