250mm Aviation Compound Tin Snips Offset Left Sheet Metal Cutters Shear

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Weight: 425g



These Heavy Duty Aviation Tin Snips give superior cutting power. 

Fitted with softgrip handles giving extra comfort and grip during use.

Specially designed to cut through aluminium, sheet metal, leather, tiles, rubber and shingles etc.


*Selected High Quality Steel

Made of high quality steel for durability. Straight elbow design makes it easier to cut.

*Safety Buckle Design

Safety buckle design, tool carrying safer knife-tooth design

*Tooth Design on the Edge

The blade has a tooth design, the cutting is not slippery, and the operation is convenient and convenient.

*Comfortable Handle

Ergonomically designed plastic handle for comfortable, non-slip and wear resistant


Color: Black &  Yellow

Material: High Carbon Steel

Package Content:

1 x Left Cut Aviation Tin Snip

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