210mm×25mm×8mm Thick Wood Handle Screw Thread Brush Stainless Steel Wire Brush

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Weight: 55g



Name: Stainless steel wire brush with wooden handle
Material: stainless steel wire
Specifications: 6 rows of stainless steel wire Full length 200mm Width 25mm Thick 8mm
Brush head: length 78mm width 22mm wire length 15mm
Uses: shoe material roughing, shipbuilding, sugar pipe, compressor, aerospace industry, automotive, electromechanical, lighting,
chemical equipment, food machinery, non-ferrous metals, polishing machinery, metal zipper equipment, tires, rubber, metallurgy, paper, artificial Board,
wooden board antique weathered embossing, etc. Used for cleaning and derusting cleaning of various materials.


1x Stainless Steel Wire Brush

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