20x Fits For AUDI Under Engine Cover Undertray Repair Kit Wheel Arch Clips Set

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Weight: 66g


Specification :

1. Equivalent to Audi part numbers:??8D0805960, 8D0805121, 4A0805121A

2. There are 4 different parts-?Engine Protection Screws fits an 8mm hole,?Spring Nut Fastener for Engine Cover Screw fits an 8mm hole,?Dowel Pin Plastic Screws fits a 10mm hole,?Plastic Housing Nut fits a 10mm hole

Fitment :

1.?various?AUDI models

2.?various?VOLKSWAGEN models

(The compatibility just for reference! Please compare this item with your original one and make sure the product you want before ordering.)
Note :

1.?Please check the details carefully before you order. Every vehicle has many different clips and fasteners.

2.?Even if the ebay compatibility check says these are used on your vehicle, that does not mean that they are the only clip and will be the ones that you need.

3.?It is important to check the photo, part number and dimensions before you order.
Package included :

5 x Engine Protection Screws?fits an 8mm hole

5 x Spring Nut Fastener for Engine Cover Screw?fits an 8mm hole

5 x Dowel Pin Plastic Screws?fits a 10mm hole

5 x Plastic Housing Nut fits?a 10mm hole

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