20PCS HSS Router Bits Wood Cutters Milling Fits Dremel Rotary Tool High Quality

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The main uses:
(1) Finishing various metal mold cavities, such as processing shoe molds and so on.
(2) Various metal and non-metal process engraving, such as mold engraving, trimming of craft gifts.
(3) Cleaning the flash, burrs and welds of castings, forgings and weldments, such as machine-casting plants, shipyards, automobile plants, etc.
(4) chamfering rounding and groove processing of various mechanical parts, cleaning the pipeline, finishing the inner hole surface of mechanical parts, such as machinery factory, repair shop, etc.
(5) The repair of the impeller runners, such as the automobile engine factory.

(1) Processing of various metals (including hardened steel) and non-metals (such as marble, jade, bone, hardwood, plastic, etc.)
(2) It can replace the small grinding wheel with handle on a large part of the work, and there is no dust pollution.
(3) High production efficiency.
(4) The product processing quality is good, the finish is high, and the high-precision mold cavity of various shapes can be processed.
(5) Long service life, more durable than high speed steel tools.
(6) Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity and improve working environment.
(7) The economic benefits are greatly improved, and the comprehensive processing cost can be reduced.


Name: Rotary Cutter

Color: Silver

Material: HSS

Shank Diameter: About 3mm

Whole Length: About 40mm

Package Content:

1 x 20pcs Rotary Cutters

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