15-200mm 1x Bi Metal M42 Hole Saw Cutter Pilot Drill Bit For Iron Aluminium Pipe

Diameter: 15mm
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Weight: 50g



Made of premium M42 high speed steel, sturdy and durable.
The blade is extremely sharped, with good perforation capability.
Taking the form of a short open cylinder with saw-teeth on the open edge, perfect for installing locks, knobs in doors and cabinets.
Can be used to make holes in wood, thin steel sheet, aluminum alloy and other soft metal sheet.
The newly designed chip removal groove, it can discharge the chip rapidly, and will not cause the crack and stuck piece phenomenon.



Material: M42 High Speed Steel
Hole diameter: 15mm-200mm
Uses: Opening hole


Package included:

11 x Hole Saw drill bit

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