1x Lambs Wool Car Window Washing Cleaning Mitt Soft Glove Polisher Sheepskin

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Weight: 50g



1. This product is made of imitation wool with fine handwork.

2. The surface is fine and fine, with strong decontamination ability, and does not hurt the car paint. It can remove dust, stains, oil and so on from the car body.

3. The glove mouth is equipped with an elastic sleeve, which is not easy to drag off when wiping, which is more practical and convenient. It is a good product for your car "DIY" operation.

4. After use, just pat it gently, dust and dirt will fall.

5. It can be washed with water, and then dried naturally after cleaning to avoid the inconvenience of next use. 6. The specifications of this product are 20 * 15cm (size of plush)

Package included: 

1x Car Washing Glove

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