19pcs Car Door Molding Dash Panel Audio Trim Removal Pry Tool Kit & Clip Pliers

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Weight: 1055g


Key Features:    
*Made of impact resistant nylon material,not break or bend easily like ABS plastic under pressure.Durable tools can be used for a long time without edge blunting.
*Made of high quality nylon,leave no scratches and marks on your car.Have the strength to pry up panels and pop open panel retaining pins, but are soft enough to prevent scraped knuckles or scratched paintwork.
*18 tools with different shapes and thicknesses,can be helpful to your work in a short time.stainless steel bar und plastic handle can fit snugly around the pin and apply leverage exactly where it's needed,for popping out the retaining pins.4 stereo removal tools allows easy radio removal.
*18pcs contain almost all tools needed for assembly and disassembly. Perfect for dismantling of car audio / radio, door panel,dashboards,fixing clips, roof lights, windows, interior accessories.
*Ergonomic design for easy handhold, more effective and effort saving.Portable zipper bag which more lighter for easy storage and carry.

Actually this item you will receive has 19 pieces totally, it should be 12 x interior trim disassemble tools,our mistake.
Package Includes:
11 x interior trim disassemble tools
2 x release tools
4 x stereo removal tools
1 x roof light clamp
1 x portable zipper storage pouch

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