147Pcs Rotary Accessory Grinding Tool Set Polishing Cutting Bit Kit for Dremel

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147pcs Rotary Tool Accessories Drill Bits Kit

Used for wood, metal, etc. material engraving, polishing and cutting.

Includes grinding paste, grinding stone, sandpaper, polishing wheel, polishing paste, nylon brush, steel wire brush drill, connecting rods, etc.

The Cutting Piece: Suitable for cutting metal

Sandpaper Ring: Suitable for grinding wood, must cooperate with rubber connecting shaft to easily use

Steel wire brush: Used for metal surface rust removal, etc

Grinding head: Suitable for metal surface rust , burr polishing.


Color: As Pictures Show

Quantity:1 Set(147pcs)

Package include:

1 set (147pcs) Accessories Dremel Set

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