12V 10A Car Motorcycle Intelligent LCD Display Battery Smart Charger EU Plug

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New Brand and High Quality

Microprocessor Control (CPU).

This is a fully automatic battery charger with 3 charge stages.

Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged. So you can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely.

3-stage chargers are suitable for most battery types including Calcium, Gel and AGM, Wet batteries. They may also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.

Power and energy

Short circuit protection

Short start function overcharge

Wide voltage range

LCD Display

EU plug or Free plug adapter



Input voltage: 100-240V AC

Rated output: 12V DC, 5-6A Max.

Minimum start voltage: 8.0V

Battery range: 4-100Ah

Thermal protect: 65°C+/-5°C

Efficiency: App. 85%.

Dimensions: 210mm*120mm*70mm


Color: Black

Quantity: 1 Pc

Plug Type: EU Plug


Package Include:

1 x Intelligent Battery Charger

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