12PCS Wood Carving Hand Chisel Carver/Woodworking/Lathe Tool Set Kit + Pouch

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-These tools are perfect for wood carvers. The handles are made with quality polished wood for comfortable grip and the chisels are made with razor sharp harden steel. They measure approximately 8 "long and come with a protective roll up plastic case. Great for any wood carving shop, this set is ideal for carpenters, carvers, artists and many other professions.
-Assorted tip shapes and sizes for a variety of projects
-Adopting high quality carbon steel
-With Wooden handles
-With a plastic pouch for easy storage and transportation
-For wood working, carving projects, lathes, etc.
-Chisels are polished for a fine finish
-Chrome- plated ferrules prevent handles from splitting under pressure Proportionately wooden handles offer plenty of stability and control
-Every cutting edge is honed and buffed ready for immediate use
-Ideal for small carving projects or detail work on large jobs


Material: carbon steel+Wooden
Color: silver+yellow
1x  1/2 '' wood chisel
1x  1/4 '' wood chisel
1x  1/4 '' round nose chisel
1x  1/4 '' square wood chisel
1x  1/4 '' skew wood chisel
1x  1/4 '' diamond point chisel
1x  1/4 '' curved chisel
1x  1/4 '' "U" gouge
1x  1/2 '' wood turning gouge
1x  1/2 '' straight gouges
1x  9/16 '' straight gouges
1x  1/2 '' parting tool

Package included:

1x 12pcs Carving Hand Chisel Tools Set

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