10pcs/1set Tungsten Head Carbide Burrs For Rotary Drill Die Grinder Carving Bit

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Tool For DIY Wood-working Carving, Metal Polishing,Engraving, Drilling

Suitable for deburring and polishing steel, aluminum, copper etc. metals; and tiles, marble, jade, etc. non-metallic.

High efficiency, high-quality finish, long service life, good economic returns.

For the most work it can be replaced with small grinding wheel,and no dust pollution.

Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity.

Dual Chamber is crossover lines, not easy to block the lines, more suitable for the object of relatively low density material.

Suitable for a variety of mechanical parts chamfer,round and groove processing.



Material:   Carbide Steel  

Shank diameter: 6mm

Head diameter:10mm

Shaft diameter: 3mm

Drill Bit size: 6mm

Compatibility: smaller rotary tools such as those made by Dremel 


Package Included:

10 pcs * Grinding Head

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